Walking Yourself To Health

Walking – Who though of that?

Like most guys in their 40’s, I have started to suffer from ‘middle aged spread’

No matter how hard I work out at the gym, the spare tyre just keeps on growing! The problem for me, apart from my appetite, is boredom.

Most guys will admit to being bored at the gym.

It doesn’t matter how much you mix up the routines or get shouted at by your ‘drill instructor style’ personal trainer. If the thought of going to gym makes you grunt and look around for housework to do (lol) then maybe you should go back to basics. Give good old fashioned walking a try.

Our bodies were designed to walk – no excuses

Just get a good pair of shoes or trainers on, pick a route, set a time… and get out there!

Walking Pros:

  • You can walk alone or with friends (wife…?)
  • Begins at your doorstep
  • Requires no specialist gear
  • Works the major muscle groups

Walking Cons:

  • Weather can be a problem. Who cares if it’s raining?
  • So not really a con – just an excuse. Get out there!

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