TRX Suspension Training System Review, It Rocks

If you are not using TRX at home or the gym, you are missing out on a fantastic way to tone up your body.

This form is strength training uses ropes and webbing to allow the user to work against their own weight.

TRX is Total Resistance eXercise

Created back in the 1990’s by former Navy Seal, Randy Hetrick, the system truly came into its own from 2005 onwards. Now there isn’t a gym anywhere in the world that doesn’t have this decepively simple looking system hanging somewhere. (If your gym doesn’t have it, get them informed!)

I first used TRX at the start of this year and it’s now an essential part of my regular exercise routine. My personal trainer Chris seems to have tonnes of never ending combinations of ways to use this very effective system.

From toning and building my upper body to strenghening my core, TRX covers it all. Don’t underestimate the value of using it as part of your workout. As well as those my personal trainer suggests, there are 1000’s of workouts on YouTube to try.

You can also buy a home version of the TRX system that can be attached to a sturdy door for support. We would suggest that you get training from a professional trainer first though. This will ensure you are getting the maximum safe benefits from it’s use.

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