Monocle Magazine – A Better Class Of Reading

I have subscribed to Monocle magazine since it’s first publication in 2007.

I had become bored with the usual advert filled nonsense, coughed up by off-shoots of tabloids – so took a trip to a quality newsagents to find something worthy of occupying my reading time – the result was the Monocle.

The first thing you notice is the quality of the magazine’s paper and print.

It feels good in your hands and looks great on a coffee table! The content is equally engaging, with articles from leading contributors. I particularly enjoy the sections that cover insights into parts of the world that regular members of the public never get to see (eg. internal workings of the Vatican).

The photography used is stunning and on a par with the National Geographic in terms of scope and quality. They have certainly whet my appetite for travel and I look forward to purchasing some of their special edition travel guides.

I am not a huge fan of global politics, but the writing style invites you to read on.

You always finish reading the magazine with a heightened appreciation of the workings of the human population and all the millions of things that occur every day to keep it moving, working and surviving.

If you haven’t read the Monocle, I suggest you pick up a copy today and give it a read. It will bring a world of culture into your life. It may even motivate you to open your mind to new experiences.


Pictures owned by Monocle Magazine

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