Male Impotence, Don’t Let It Ruin Your Night

“I am having problems staying ‘hard’… what can I do ?”

We get asked this question a lot at MOAM. While there are many reasons for the cause of male impotence or Erectile Dysfunction, there are a few things the average man can do to improve this condition.

Note: A problem with your erection may be the sign of an underlying medical condition. If you are concerned in any way, please consult your Doctor.

First things first! You are not alone!

Just about every man suffers from this condition at some point in their life. Unless you have a medical condition, the chances are the causes of your erectile problems are a combination of stress, lifestyle and/or diet. The mechanisms in your body that fill your penis with blood to create an erection are closely linked to the health of your heart and blood circulation. Treat your heart well and the rest of your body will benefit.

Diet – What’s on your plate?

The basic rule for looking after your erectile health is to follow a diet that is good for your heart! We recommend following a Mediterranean style diet with lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and water. A small amount of alcohol is fine too – but don’t drink too much as that may lead to the inability to achieve an erection at all – often called ‘brewers droop’


We cannot praise these small wonderful berries enough. Power filled and easy to eat – they provide your body with a wide variety of vitamins and fibre. Some call them nature’s viagra, and I can personally confirm that.

A small cup of blueberries every day does wonders for your erections. Since I started eating them, I have woken up with a powerful erection every morning. Choose fresh and organic blueberries for better nutrients. You can also add them to smoothies and cereals to liven up your day.


Being overweight can put pressure on your heart and body systems. This could lead to problems in the erection department. Even a small weight loss can make a huge difference, so make the effort, lose the excess weight and get your healthy erections back. If in doubt, speak to a doctor if you are unsure of how to start a weight loss program.

Walking is a great way to get your body back into shape – it’s easy to do, simple to start and great for your lungs, heart and circulation – which are all good for your erection!


How busy is your week? Are you always on the go? Chances are you are suffering from stress and you probably dont know it. Stress is a silent killer (and a major erection thief!)… it sneaks up on you… then slowly starts affecting your mind and body. Schedule some time out – book a relaxing holiday or romantic getaway. Change the way you live and work to include time for you!

Life is not all about work work work. Put the brakes on and get some quality time back into your life. Your body, partner and erections will thank you for it.

Bottling It All Up

As men, we are really bad at talking about our feelings. We prefer to bottle them all up and let them explode every now and then when things get really tough. Our bodies cannot cope well with all the pent up anger and stress, so they suffer – and if erectile dysfunction is a problem for you – then maybe its time to open up and speak to someone about it. It could be your partner, a close friend or a counsellor.

I know its a tricky subject, but as I said at the start, you are not alone! “A problem shared is a problem halved”

If you can, learn to meditate daily. It helps reduce your stress levels and blood pressure – which could lead to improvements with erections.

Drugs & Smoking

Recreational drugs and smoking can cause terrible problems for men – especially those with erection problems. Unless you have been living in a cave, the dangers of smoking are well known. Smoking is also a leading cause of impotence and erectile dysfunction. Quit now, right now. Just do it. No excuses. Quit!

We would recommend speaking to your Doctor to see how you can break free from these life defeating substances.

Excess alcohol 

Excess alcohol is an erection killer. And it may eventually lead to an early death. It’s really that simple. Get it under control now. There are plenty of groups around who specialise in getting away from alcohol – join one, stay strong and get control of your life back.

Prescription Medication

Many types of prescription medications list erection problems as a side effect. You will have to speak to your Doctor about this. There may be alternatives available. DO NOT stop taking medication without your Doctor’s permission!

What ever path you take, its important to remember, “Whatever is good for your heart is good for your penis“. Eat well, sleep well, live well and think positive.

If you have the time, watch this amazing video about reversing your ED – Click here to watch

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