Are Your Feet A Big Turn Off?

Your feet take a hammering every day

You get up, wrap them in socks, stick them in a pair of shoes, then spend most of your day giving them a pounding. Then you come home, have shower and probably don’t pay them much attention… but you should.

You probably take little notice of your feet until you have a problem with them. So like most things in life, a little regular preventative maintence will help keep your feet in good condition and make sure that you don’t get any unwelcome suprises when you peel your socks off at night.

Have a good look at your feet – reguarly.

Feet problems tend to grow slowly, and there are normally some pretty obvious signs that something is up. The best time to look at them is after of a bath or shower. Remember to look between your toes for any fungal infections or cuts. Athletes Foot is easily treatable – but also avoidable – by making sure you keep you feet clean, fresh and dry. We recommend using a light athletes foot powder regularly to keep any infections at bay. Athletes Foot can be quickly transfered to your groin area where it can develop into Jock Itch – and trust me, you will not enjoy that experience!

Nail Care

Again, as with fungal infections, make sure you check your toenails regulary for signs of infection, swelling or in-growing nails. Keep your nails neatly cut and clean out any foreign material that may have got stuck down the side of your nails. It’s disgusting to look at and a MAJOR turn off for ladies. If you are uncomfortable cutting your own toenails, go visit a beauty salon or pedicurist, but don’t leave things too long, as minor infections can quickly become serious.

Good Fitting Shoes

My Dad always insisted on taking me shoe shopping when I was a kid. I was the boy with the sensible shoes at school – and at the time I hated them. But I’m glad he did. A poor fitting shoe can cause all sorts of problems for your feet including hard skin, blisters, corns, calluses and good old itchy athletes foot.

Plastic or vinyl shoes are not the best material to wear as they don’t normally allow the feet to breathe. Leather uppers are a better choice. Air your shoes regularly and sprinkle the insides of them with athletes foot powder from time to time to help kill off any fungal nasties that may be living inside of them.

Lastly, throw your old shoes out when they are done!

Shoes are more than just a fashion statement, they protect our feet from the ground we walk on. Buy the best quality shoes you can afford and bin them when they have done their job.

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