10 Reasons You MUST Own A FitBit

Everyone at Man On A Mission HQ has a FitBit slapped around their wrists.

What started out as a bit of laugh has now become a major league competitive battle ground! We are all in it to win it – and the person with the lowest step count by Friday midnight... has to buy everyone in the office lunch for a week. It’s that serious!

Here are the top 10 reasons why we think EVERYONE should invest in a FitBit:

1) Creates a competitive atmosphere with friends, collegues, family & people worldwide

2) Realising you are about to buy lunch for a week motivates you to move your ass

3) Walking is one of the healthiest & easist exercises you can do... shoes on and go…

4) It tracks all of your activities: walking, running, jogging… even sleeping!

5) With the app, you can see exactly what effort you have been making (or not)

6) They cost less than a reasonable wrist watch (most are under £100 / $150)

7) The Charge HR model monitors your heart beat in real time, with historical analysis

8) You can set up daily, weekly and weekend challenges

9) You can set a goal for 10,000 steps a day – or as many as you want 

10) You can join groups online and compete with people form all over the world

I have had my FitBitCharge HR since November 2015, and what it has revealed about my activity levels, sleep patterns and heart beat has been a revelation. Use it to motivate you. Challenge yourself to get moving every day. Set a goal, say 10,000 steps, and make it happen.

FitBit and other similar models are amazing.They come in a variety of colours to suit all tastes. Go get one! You can view the entire FitBit range here on Amazon

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